Dental care with Medicare Advantage plans

If you are enrolled in the Original health protection (Part A and Part B coverage), then you will have great idea that the Original health protection does not provide coverage for the additional healthcare services other than the Medicare Part A (hospitalization coverage) and Part B (doctor visit costs). On the other hand, if you opt for the Aetna Medicare Advantage plans (offered by private insurance company Aetna) then you might get the usual Medicare Parts A and B coverage but with the additional healthcare services such as dental, hearing, and vision services.


Dental coverage

The Original Medicare Part A can provide coverage for the regular dental service or emergency dental care as part of Medicare-covered hospitalization. However, these services do not fall under category of routine services in case of Original Medicare whereas health insurance Advantage plans consider following services as routine services:

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  • Many health insurance Advantage plans cover oral checking at dental hospital as part of routine service.
  • Routine services also include pulp vitality tests.
  • Cleaning, finishing, and scaling of teeth is also part of routine service.
  • Consultation regarding oral hygiene.
  • Denture placement.
  • Non-surgical removing of tooth.
  • X-rays which consist of panoramic and bitewing views.
  • Teeth fillings and restorations.

If you have enrolled yourself in a good health insurance Advantage plan (from good private insurance) which contains right perks, then you may find some of routine services which we have mentioned above in your plan.

According to  law which was passed by  federal government,  private insurers are bound to offer all  benefits which are offered in  Original Medicare Parts A and B in their Part C plans which are more commonly known as  health insurance Advantage plans. However, health insurance Advantage plans do not offer hospice care and reason behind that is that hospice care is easily covered with Medicare Part A which is also offered in health insurance Advantage plans along with Medicare Part B. Unlike Original Medicare which is directly controlled by federal government, health protection Advantage plans are administered by private health insurance companies who are verified by Medicare. Therefore, private insurance company such as Aetna only itself decides benefits which it will offer in its particular health protection Advantage plans. Moreover, this scheme has reached new heights of greatness and when we analyze all of the information which is mentioned in this article then we come to know the reason behind this greatness.