How Medicare Supplement plans can prove to be beneficial for senior citizens along with traditional Medicare?

On turning 65, the person, be it a man or woman qualifies automatically for the federal government sponsored medical insurance named Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans. Even those who are disabled for over 24 months and under 65 years of age can qualify for it.

Why need Medicare Supplement plans?

There are many who do wonder as to why they will require to buy Medicare Supplement plans, when they already have the original Medicare in place. This way, they can save some precious money in premium amounts. The truth according to the industry experts is that paying some premium amount for supplemental insurance is good and a wise decision made. Medicare when combined with Medicare Supplement plans can be considered to be a real golden ticket to good and quality medical treatment.

Benefits offered by Medicare Supplement plans

Supplemental insurance tends to close up the gaps that are not covered by original Medicare. With the supplement plan, there are several benefits to be enjoyed, some of which are given below:

  • Low premium amount: It is very much affordable than regular health insurance.
  • Assured Insurability: It simply does not matter if the person is extremely sick or very healthy. The open enrolment period allows everyone turning 65 years of age to qualify automatically for Medicare & Medicare Supplement plans, without asking a single question about pre-existing disease or health related issues. The insurance provider is bound to give the client’s choice of supplement plan and cannot deny it citing any health reason. But kidney failure is the only exception.
  • Greater freedom: The Medigap policy does allow the policy holder to visit any hospital or doctor across the U.S. that accepts Medicare.
  • Peace of mind and satisfaction: Plan F is quite popular and offers comprehensive coverage. The costs to be borne here is the Part B premium, supplement premium and Part D premium (it is low cost individual drug plan which covers medications) and nothing else. If the person is travelling and gets or whatever happens, he/she can be rest assured of getting proper and quality treatment immediately.

With this combination, each and every senior citizen now has proper access to powerful and affordable healthcare system along with peace of mind and freedom. Hence, it is rightly termed to be the ‘golden ticket’ to good health. Also a good amount of money can be saved in the process.